Terms & Conditions


By booking an appointment with Bristol Massage and Reflexology you are agreeing to these Terms and Conditions. You can book an appointment through the links on this website (a bookings link is also available through our listing on Google). Alternatively, you can request an appointment by emailing bristolmassageandreflexology@gmail.com or by texting 07951 567174.

Consultation Forms

If you're booking for the first time you'll need to complete and submit a new client consultation form prior to attending your appointment (there are different forms for massage and reflexology). This also applies if you were previously a client at Bristol Massage Therapy.

As referenced in the Privacy Policy below, your contact details (name, email and telephone number) are required so that the correct client information is held by Bristol Massage and Reflexology and so that I can contact you (if required) regarding your appointment. Please note that if a booking is made on behalf of someone else, I will need the contact details of the person to be treated before their appointment so that relevant emails and a consultation form can be sent out.

Submission of a consultation form is also required so that I have up to date and relevant health/medical information prior to the appointment to enable a safe and appropriate treatment specific to you. Treatment cannot take place without completion of a consultation form and if this isn’t done until the appointment, it will be included in the treatment time.

Health and Safety

  • By completing, signing and submitting the client consultation form, you are agreeing that:
  • Massage and Reflexology are not replacements for medical care and I will not diagnose or prescribe.
  • You are responsible for ensuring that I am fully aware of your existing and/or previous medical condition(s) and health issues, and of any future changes regarding your health.
  • The information you have provided is a true and accurate record and reflection of your current state of health.

Reminder emails are sent out the day before your appointment to prompt completion of the consultation form (if required) and to also remind you of your obligations regarding your health:

Having massage or reflexology if you’re at all unwell is not advised (for you or for me!) so please contact me asap if you feel ill before your appointment. If you don’t let me know, and don’t turn up for your appointment, the Cancellation Policy may still apply (see below).

Please also advise me if you have developed any symptoms of, or received a diagnosis for, a medical condition since you completed the client consultation form.


Although the situation regarding Covid-19 has changed since 2020, I am still conscious of keeping my clients and myself as safe as possible and will continue to wear a face mask during appointments. As a client, wearing a face covering is now voluntary (if you do wear one, you can remove it when lying face down on the table).

Please advise me asap if:

  • You (or anyone in your household) have experienced any symptoms that may be, or are likely to be, consistent with Covid-19.
  • You (or anyone in your household) have had a positive test for Covid-19 in the past 14 days.
  • You (or anyone in your household) have been in contact with someone who has Covid-19 (or symptoms) in the past 14 days.
  • If I am unable to work, I will contact you at the earliest opportunity to make suitable alternative arrangements.

I comply with the Massage Training Institute’s Code of Ethics and its Covid Code of Practice. I also comply with the Association of Reflexology’s Code of Practice and Ethics and its Covid Secure Workplace Policy.

Late Arrivals

Please arrive in time for your appointment. If you’re late, your appointment will still finish at the allocated time and the full price for the booked treatment will be charged (running late can’t always be helped but as a rule, I'm unable to overrun or add time to subsequent appointments).

Cancellation Policy

Once your appointment is booked, my time is reserved for you. I know things can change but I ask for a minimum 24 hours’ notice if you need to cancel or rearrange so I have time to fill the appointment. For ‘no shows’, when you don’t get in touch or if you’ve simply forgotten, you will be invoiced for the full amount of the appointment and payment must be received before you can book again at Bristol Massage and Reflexology. However, if you need to cancel your appointment at short notice because of illness or for a situation that’s out of your control, I am happy to discuss and make other arrangements where appropriate. This will usually mean you rescheduling and attending another appointment as soon as possible.


  • Bristol Massage and Reflexology’s therapies are not a substitute for professional medical care or counselling. I will not diagnose, or prescribe medication or medical treatment of any kind but may recommend (to you), referral to a GP or other qualified medical specialist or practitioner if appropriate.
  • You have a duty to provide Bristol Massage and Reflexology with, to the best of your knowledge, accurate and true medical and personal information and keep Bristol Massage and Reflexology up to date with details of any medication, symptoms, medical concerns or treatments you are being investigated or treated for.
  • Clients under 18 - a parent or guardian must give permission for treatment to take place by co-signing the client consultation form. For clients aged 16 and under, a parent or guardian must also stay in the treatment room for the duration of the appointment.
  • I may refuse to treat you with just and reasonable cause. I reserve the right to terminate any appointment at any time if I believe that it is not safe or in your best interests to continue (this includes what I believe to be definite or potential contradications to massage and reflexology). Likewise, you have the right to modify, refuse or terminate treatment at any time, regardless of prior consent given.
  • I will stop engagement with, or treatment of, a client if I feel unsafe, uncomfortable or if I deem them to be physically or verbally abusive, or display inappropriate, aggressive or sexual behaviour, or be intoxicated through alcohol/drugs. This may also result in criminal proceedings.

Privacy and Data Policy

  • By providing your personal information when booking an appointment, completing a consultation form, at discussions during your appointment or when making a payment, you are consenting to Bristol Massage and Reflexology holding that information and using it for specific reasons, including contacting you regarding current and future bookings. Information provided by you on your consultation form(s) is used to assess your requirements for a safe, effective and appropriate treatment. This information is also used as a reference for, and to inform, subsequent therapy sessions.
  • The appointment booking and document service is provided by Cliniko, specialists in providing secure collection, processing and storage of personal data for healthcare practitioners. Your information is stored on secure servers and is always encrypted.
  • All client information and treatment records will remain confidential and will not be discussed with anyone other than the client (unless the client is under the age of 18 or has a care worker or guardian). Bristol Massage and Reflexology will never use your personal information or contact details for marketing purposes, or share them in any way (unless your permission is granted separately or unless required to do so by law). You have the right to request a copy of your records at any time.
  • Your information is collected in accordance with the guidelines set out in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – Data Protection Act 2018 https://www.gov.uk/data-protection
  • To ask for your information to be updated, amended or deleted, or if you have questions about how your information is collected, stored and used, please email me: bristolmassageandreflexology@gmail.com
  • I am required to keep adult client records safely for a minimum of eight years after the last treatment, after which time the information will be deleted.

Bristol Massage and Reflexology reserves the right to amend its Privacy and Data Policy at any time; if I make material changes to this policy, I will notify you that it has been updated and in what way.